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Today. Non-negotiable

The year has just begun and we’ve already experienced the most devastating of changes anyone can experience as senior family members have left us. Each month a leaf fell from a family tree. In January, Michael’s uncle, the last of his parents’ generation moved on. Then in February, Diem lost her grandmother. Just as March began, a friend’s father answered his call. Not unusual. People are born, they live their lives, they die. It is the way of life, and it is not negotiable.


Today is a gift, a beautiful new day.

Rejoice totally at the break of day.


Of all things we want to change, not having to experience the death of a family member or close friend is likely at the top of the list. Of all things absolutely guaranteed to never change it is that if we live long enough, we will always have to experience the death of a family member or close friend. Within that truism, there are not only opportunities to provide comfort to those who remain, but also there is an impetus to look at what we have, realizing that we have been given a reminder to change what we can. 


Rise and shine on the hilltop, be the light of day,

Unstoppable no matter a weekday, sick day, workday or holiday.


We don’t mean change as in what can we do to keep ourselves healthy and extend our lifetime. We all make healthy changes to add some measure of time to our lives. We mean what can we change to make the time we have here be the most positive, most productive, and most satisfying life we can be living. In short, how can we live our most fulfilling lives?


Shoutout thanks and praise for another glorious day.

Celebrate nonstop a play day, birthday, Sunday, even mundane Mondays, you’ll find a way

To touch, pray, connect each opportunity in the day.


One thing we can do to better our lives and the lives of those around us is not live in fear. Too often we spend time worrying. Do I make enough money? Do I spend too much money? Do I have the “right” house, car, clothes, job? Did I choose well in my partner, education, career, location? How do I compare against my neighbors, my coworkers, my parents, my peers? When will I die?


Do you not wait for tomorrow to become today,

Or allow it to fade into yesterday


Rather than drown in worry and fear, be grateful. I have enough to live on and still splurge a little to make life more enjoyable. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, a job that covers my daily needs, and a way to get to and from that job (and to some fun places when I have spare time). I am content with those I live with. I love the me in me or I will do what I must to accept myself. I am pleased that I learned enough to have a career to support my living. Where I am now is where I am appreciated, or I accept my circumstances and work towards achieving a place closer to my dreams. Compared to who I was yesterday, I am a day older, a day wiser, and a day kinder to myself. That’s the only comparison that matters. Yes, someday I will die, but until then I will live my authentic life I know I can master.


Today is unlike any other day, not just another day.

Come together and begin today in an extraordinary way.

Today is the day.


They say the only constant is change. They are right. Everything changes. You have the power to decide if you are going to be a catalyst or casualty of change. Sometimes it takes death for us to see the value we bring to life. Value you do bring. A value only you can bring, and the world is better for it. Better today and everyday. That is not negotiable.

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To acknowledge the value of everyone alive is an act of grace and mercy. We're all made in the image of God, and He makes beautiful people. Celebrating every day and every one is what we can do for one another to offer value and compassion to others. You all have hit it on the head--waiting for tomorrow to begin anything, bemoaning things we can't control, and being grateful for all we have is a way of improving our attitudes and hearts. You guys are awesome!

Replying to

Thank you Dayle. It is true that we too often do not value others nor offer others value. We’re happy to know we were able to get that point across things are going to happen and we have to adjust with them, but never to the point of losing ourselves in the process. We are unique and bring so much to the world. Someday, we too will be gone. If we lived life right, we will leave some of our presence behind. 

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