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Express your resolve, refresh your enthusiasm, add passion to your purpose.
ROAMcare is your guide to putting more care into everything you do in your personal life, profession, family, and everywhere life meets

Short, high energy, uninterrupted discussions on nurturing healthy spaces


On Recognition,

Part 5


Summary and Review

Because There’s Always Time to Recognize Someone and Share the Power of Recognition

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Life isn’t all about work. To be alive is to be part of what makes our world beautiful. We are beautiful created to love and be loved. You are loved as you are.Making a living is part of life. Making a life is life itself.

The remedy you need when dealing with challenges or looking for an extra push to get through the day.

Be inspired with these small doses of positivity

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Updated 5/30/2022

Why We Care

ROAMcare came to be as Diem Pham and Michael Ross looked for ways to infuse more respect for the people who do the work at work and set out to build a program to encourage managers, supervisors and team members to recognize and express appreciation for everyone on the team.

Recognizing the same strategies work in all professional settings and in our private lives, Diem and Michael expanded ROAMcare to reach everybody everywhere! Wherever you are you can bridge the gap from existing and surviving to participating and living and refresh your enthusiasm for life. 

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How You Can Care

You have intelligence, intuition, discernment, situational awareness, logic and sometimes illogic. You rely on and use these gifts when you have to do something, often things you've never done before.

You can help yourself as you help others and join the ROAMcare community. Without you, there is less CARE for every else. Everyone can access the website, but only community members join lively discussions and post tips and tricks to our forums, comment on blog articles, and join in sharing, mentoring and other group opportunities.

Community members are automatically subscribed to our blog and podcast and receive advance notice of videos and special programs as they are released.

We invite you to join the ROAMcare Community today and start sharing your care!


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"The Night Before New Year" 

Night Before New Years - Pharmacy 2021 - ROAMcare
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