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Statement of Privacy Practices


Legal Notices

What we collect

     We may ask for email addresses, names, and contact information of individual users

     We may ask for business contact information and affiliations for institutional users

What we use it for

     Email addresses may be used to generate electronic mailing lists for notification when
     new content  has been added to this web-site or to announce available services and other periodic communications.

     Other contact information generated will be used only to contact users who have requested contact from us.


How information is shared

     ROAMcare will not share user information with any third party other than as necessary to distribute our content.

For more information or to clarify these practices you may contact us at

Content Contribution



     Unsolicited content intended for publication may be forwarded in an editable file format


     If accepted the contributor will retain copyright in consideration for publication on this public site.



     Solicited content initiated by ROAMcare will be subject to an endorsement that the material is original work

     and a release of copyright. Consideration will be negotiated before acceptance.



     Comments to articles posted to this public website are the opinions of the commentor. 

     Acceptance of them does not imply agreement or endorsement by ROAMcare.



     Content on this site is provided as an information resource only. 

     Use of the information published to this public site does not constitute a business arrangement.



     All content of this site is the original property of and owned by ROAMcare unless otherwise noted. 

     Content may be reproduced and distributed so long as you do not alter it except in the case of

     "for use" templates and credit ROAMcare as the original author.

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