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Michael Ross

Founding Partner

Michael is passionate about sharing his experience and is a strong advocate for communication, education, and pharmacy staff development. 

Michael wants the care dispensed in today’s pharmacies to speak to the tradition of respect and care rooted in the early pioneer offerings of pharmacy service and that from every encounter someone leaves healthier and happier.

Michael’s first encounter with the provider of pills, solutions, and ointments in a classic mid-century corner drugstore left him with such an impression that he pursued a career in pharmacy. That pursuit has led him to a varied career spanning four decades running full circle from student to teacher.  

An accomplished pharmacist in all practice settings Michael spent over half of service in leadership positions including at hospital pharmacies, professional organizations, and in education. Following his graduation from Duquesne University (BS Pharm) he practiced in home infusion, hospital, long term care (LTC), long term acute care (LTAC), and specialty pharmacies as well as teaching in schools of pharmacy, pharmacy technician training programs, and continuing pharmacy education.


Michael is a subject matter expert and has presented papers on regulatory compliance, clinical initiatives in the small hospital, pharmacy staff development, and continuing education. 

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