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You are . . .

Have you ever stopped to think about what you are? Not who. What. You will likely get a variety of answers depending on if you are a chemist, biologist, religious, pragmatist, theorist, or preschooler. Those answers might range from a recitation of all 109 chemicals present in us, to the universal five elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, to the classic four elements of body, soul, mind, and spirit. You might even hear that you are snips and snail, and puppy dog tails, or perhaps sugar and spice if you happen to be that nice. If there is such a diverse opinion to what we are, how can we ever be sure of who we are?

In truth, determining who we are is infinitely easier. You are whoever you want to be. As we recently wrote in a previous post, “you can seek advice and counsel of others … and they may influence your choices, but control is yours. You are solely responsible for how you feel,” and for who you are! Yes, you have heroes, you have guides, you know people you might want to be like and others you are happy you aren’t. But how you act, how you respond, how you live, and how you love are your decisions. The collective scholarly community may not be able to get together to tell you what you are, but each one can tell you who you are – you are you, the only you that you express and present to the world.

We have some advice and counsel to help you if you are struggling to figure out who you are. Be honest but not hurtful. (Honesty does not have to be brutal.) Be nice but not cloying. Be polite and respectful. Be joyful, be loving, and be generous with your emotions. Be the person you would look up to if you weren’t you.

Only you will ever be you, only you can ever be you. No one can be you like you can be you. You are the most authentic you there is. You are the best version of you there is. You are the most complete you there is. You are more you than there ever will be. You are the unique you. You are … the one ... the only … you.

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I love, "Be the person you'd look up to if you weren't you." What a great picture of hope! We choose who we are. I think it was Deitrich Bonhoeffer who said something about people can make all kinds of choices for us, but we alone get to choose our attitudes. And our attitudes do define so much of who we are. Thanks for this!

Replying to

Dayle, thank you for sharing your thoughts and positivity! Your attitude and awesomeness add to our experience and make the world a nicer place to be. Thank you for making our day!

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