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If you are looking for a fresh approach to delivering motivating, inspirational messages, consider having ROAMcare at your next presentation. A wide variety of topics are available and can be delivered in classroom lecture, informal discussion, roundtable, or panel format. Contact us at info@roamcare.org to discuss how we can help you refresh your programs!

Diem Pham
Founding Partner


Driven with vision and focus on compassionate care, communication and education, Dr. Diem Pham empowers every caregiver to improve the lives of each person they meet. In her 25 years of professional pharmacy practice, Dr. Pham has served in settings ranging from ambulatory, acute hospital, state institutional, manufacturing, home infusion, and long-term care, both in Canada and the United States to explore her niche to make the greatest impact. She has extended herself in professional capacities as staff, clinician, consultant, manager, and director, as well as a patient and a lifelong learner.​

Dr. Pham co-founded ROAMCare.org, a nonprofit organization that launched recently online, to refresh our personal enthusiasm for ourselves and those around us. You can tune into ROAMCare’s podcasts on Apple, Spotify, Google or Radio Public or find more info on ROAMCare.org.

Dr. Pham received her Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of British Columbia, post graduate Doctorate of Pharmacy from the University of Washington. She has an Applied Health Informatics certification as well as a lean six sigma black belt.


Diem enjoys swimming and exploring the outdoors with her daughter, Sarah. Interestingly, Dr. Pham has not watched TV for almost 10 years. She is a public speaker who captivates, connects and inspires audiences.


Michael Ross
Founding Partner


Mr. Ross is passionate about sharing his experience and is a strong advocate for communication, education, and pharmacy staff development. He works for the care dispensed in today’s pharmacies to speak to the tradition of respect and care rooted in the early pioneer offerings of pharmacy service and that from every encounter a patient becomes healthier and happier.

An accomplished pharmacist in all practice settings Mr. Ross recently co-founded ROAMCare.org, a nonprofit organization that launched recently online, to refresh the personal enthusiasm. ROAMCare’s podcasts and blogs speak to improving self-care by refreshing our enthusiasm for ourselves. These are more information can be found online at ROAMCare.org.

Mr. Ross received his Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmacy from the Duquesne University School of Pharmacy and has a certification in Supervising and Managing People from the Katz Graduate School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. He has been recognized multiple times for exceeding expectations in small hospital pharmacy management.


Michael is an avid amateur painter and enjoys anything that can be done outdoors.