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Welcome to our multipart program on giving and receiving recognition. This series will lead the supervisors and team members on contemporary theories of recognition and gratitude in the workplace and at home, the basics of giving and receiving recognition and suggestions for avoiding recognition pitfalls.

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On Recognition, the ROAMcare program that explores the arts of giving and receiving recognition is now available as a podcast series, leading listeners on contemporary theories of recognition and gratitude in the home and workplace, exploring the basics of giving and receiving recognition, and avoiding pitfalls.

On Recognition program goals  and objectives are:

  1. Why we recognize
         Discuss the importance of recognition and why such recognition positively impacts behavior in the workplace.

  2. Recognition not evaluation
         Differentiate between
recognition and evaluation

  3. Everyday versus formal recognition

         Explain daily impromptu recognition versus formal recognition and service awards

  4. Beware of Hero Hijacking
         Identify potential pitfalls in employee recognition programs


  5. Say thank you
        Identify opportunities for recognition

On Recognition is available for self direction but is best experienced in guided presentations, live or distant.

Contact us at for more information.

Four Thoughts On Recognition

On Giving Recognition

We crave to be recognized, to know that we matter. It is when the words of appreciation, genuinely communicated when the behavior is exhibited and the action is noticed, that it most matters

On Receiving Recognition

Allowing ourselves to receive kind words validates our contributions and strengthens our resolve. Accept words of kindness and return appreciation to the giver, acknowledge your own work and look to improve.

On Accepting the Blame and Spreading the Credit

While the team members complete the mission of any work group, the supervisor must bears the responsibility for any shortcomings and incorporate recognition into the work group's daily activities.

On Not Becoming a Hero Hijacker

Concentrating on the team encourages performance. The fastest way to alienate a work group is to appropriate their results. Every day an opportunity to thank a team member.

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