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A month full of ways to celebrate a special day

We were looking for a lighter way to welcome May and thought about how May, the month, got its name. As far as we can tell, May is named for the Greek goddess of fertility Maia. It seems appropriate considering that at least in the Northern half of the world, everything is blooming with new life, most plants, much wildlife, and even some of the holidays and special days we celebrate during May. We open the month with Global Love Day, Mother’s Day is in the middle, and we close the month with Memorial Day, a somber occasion but one that also welcomes the unofficial start of summer. In between those are special occasions, serious and frivolous, to keep us remembering those who deserve remembering and enjoying some fun moments along the way.


Everyday of the month celebrates some food, and there are plenty of silly holidays like Lost Sock Day (May 9) and Dance Like a Chicken Day (May 14). Self-care is celebrated throughout the month with full monthly observances of Better Sleep Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, Women’s Health Care Month, and others. May is also known for remembering special people and includes Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Military Appreciation Month.


We feel some of the most special moments May can offer may be overlooked, and there among them are many opportunities to celebrate someone special with something special. These include:

  • Global Love Day (May 1) – Reach out to someone far away and remind them they are important to you.

  • National Day of Prayer (May 4) – Especially remember those who have nobody to pray for them.

  • Join Hands Day (May 6) – Reach out to somebody. Literally.

  • Bring Flowers to Somebody Day (May 15) – Brighten someone’s day with a bit of nature for their table.

  • Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day (May 16) – Offer to bring in their mail or water their flowers when they go on vacation or invite them for coffee or tea when they are home.

  • National Visit Your Relatives Day (May 18) – Because why not?

  • Endangered Species Day (May 19) – We had no idea how many species (that includes plants) are endangered. Check out what is at risk in your area and how you can help.

  • National Missing Children Day (May 25) – Another day to pray.

  • National Smile Day (May 31) – Because smiles are contagious!


There are plenty of reasons to celebrate every day. May also has many serious opportunities to celebrate, like World Ovarian Cancer Day (May 8), Peace Officers Memorial. Day (May 15), or Senior Health and Fitness Day (May 31). We feel we found a few extra ways to celebrate everyone among the special days because indeed, everyone is special. If you don’t like one we pointed out, make up your own. There is always room on any calendar for a new special day for a special someone!

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I love the special days, the ones focused on needs or issues or people who just need to be seen and known. I love that you two have figured out how to collect all these so we may know them. Celebration is something we all need to take more seriously. There's enough doom and gloom in the world that a bright spot of a special day is needed--often. Thank you once again for giving us reasons to smile.

Replying to

Thank you Dayle. We know you are on board with celebrating the really special people, those also known as families, friends, neighbors and anyone else you share a bit of space with. We are sorry we couldn’t find an example for every day, but then we really don’t need a special occasion to celebrate people every day. Just go ahead and do it!

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