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Embrace the Middle

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

By Michael Ross, Founding Partner, ROAMcare

Now that the news media are reporting the number of CoViD-19 vaccines administered rather than new cases, people are starting to look forward to the day “normal” will return. But we may be approaching a whole different “normal” than what most of us remember as the old normal. Whether we want it or not, whether we accept it or not, or whether we get used to it or not, it’s going to happen. And it’s going to happen slowly. At least slower than what we feel it should be.

We aren’t going turn a switch and all the stores and restaurants and schools and churches will open. Sports arena will not immediately be standing room only nor theaters have the hottest ticket in town. Air travel will return with too tight seating and cruise ships will be packed to the deck rails, but not quite yet. Spas and salons will be cutting hair, painting nails, and massaging under worked and over appreciated muscles, just not overnight.

When it starts it is going to be a slow start, an adventure of misstarts, missteps, and maybe even a retreat or two. It will be gradual and will take more patience than it takes now when we are waiting. Humans aren’t designed to go slow. Patience is such a virtue because because few have perfected it! We want to go. We are okay staying still. But getting from stop to full speed is not our strong point. We aren’t good in the middle. Think of all the middles out there and then honestly think is that where you want to be. The middle seat. Middle management. Middle age. Middle of nowhere!

When the transition begins be thankful for the little changes, know they are the first steps to bigger changes, remember you didn’t get to where you are today overnight, and embrace the middle. Be the one to say, “It might not be much but at least there is a little more I can do today and for that I am thankful.”

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