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Focus on your vision

Our previous articles have given us some insights for this new year, specifically thoughts about our own new year’s resolutions . As January is nearing its midpoint and our goals are being set for the year, it’s a good time to revisit resolutions. But wait, recall the warning against confusing resolutions with idle wishes as life’s changing challenges deserve more than wishes. Taken seriously, resolutions are goals, SMARTER goals. Can goals be reduced to an absolute formula? Can a wish be more than idle?

Every corporation, organization, school and institution has a vision and a vision statement. ROAMcare, too. “The landscape of personal interaction is complex, yet people must connect every day to thrive. The ROAMcare vision is to be the catalyst that drives those connections.” That may not sound particularly specific or measurable, or attainable. That’s because the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely, are found in the mission and goals. The catalyst that drives them is the vision, moving beyond the practical limitations of typical goal setting.

Expectations often exceed reality because we often expect more. Goals help us attain specific milestones in our lives and they are necessary components to making progress and improvements. After conducting the year end review to find the one thing to continue into this year, we put our 2022 measurable goals in writing. However, goals do not create the vision to exceed expectations. To truly exceed reality, we first must have a vision of what we want the new reality to be. Then we can determine what steps, what plans, what goals are necessary to make the visionary expectation a vision of a new reality.

Now is the time to create your personal vision. An ideal personal vision may be "to be the catalyst in resolving your resolutions!" The smartest goals stand to go unmet if one lacks the desire to take on the action steps necessary to complete them. You can follow our lead and look to improve yourself by adding more passion to your purpose and resolving to put more care in what you do. Small steps easily add up to make your life better, and once your life is better, life is better!

Join us on a journey this year through our blogs, podcasts, and videos. We invite you to join in the conversation by sharing how you resolve to meet your resolutions in the comments sections or user forums on the website. We wish you the very best for making this year truly visionary! Together, we can do it!

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