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A weekly roundup of ideas to Uplift! yourself and where you can join in lively discussions to make ROAMcare what we are.



Do you recycle? Easy question. Most everybody does. Most municipalities in the U.S. made that decision for you. How about re-using? We both re-use. A re-use example might be when you find an old TV stand and turn it into a different color TV stand. It’s moving items through society without a stop at the landfill. It’s donating them to charity run thrift stores, consigning them to secondhand shops, or giving them away. Then when somebody needs a new stand for his toaster oven, or a new toaster oven, he’s likely to shop first at the thrift store to see what can be given a new life.


Now for the hard question. Do you upcycle? Upcyclers are the creatives of the recycling world. They can look at a TV stand, a stained chunk of kitchen counter, and a garden hose and say, “Gee that would make a great a wet bar” and make it. Think of it as a re-do that give things a new direction or a new life.


We know what you’re wondering. Can you do the same with people? Yes, you can recycle people, and you can re-use them. And you can re-do them, too. And do you know who the best candidates for some cleaning and creative re-imagining are? You! Yes, you can recycle, re-use, and re-do yourself over and again.


Again, we both recycle and we’ve also both recycled ourselves and have upcycled ourselves. When we found ourselves in jobs that weren’t the most satisfying, we looked for others. When skills needed honed, we took classes and strengthened them. We’ve found new interests outside work and home to break out of the routines and re-energize our minds.


A lot of stuff that people don’t want still has much of its life left. Usually just a little polishing is all it takes to have them looking good enough for company. People are like that too. Sometimes all it takes is a little polish on our otherwise unused or underused talents and abilities to make us more attractive to…bosses, partners, children, colleagues…and to ourselves!


When medical and physical limitations unexpectedly took Michael out of the workplace, he created his own place turning to hobbies that required little or no movement, painting and writing. When Diem suggested the idea that turned into ROAMcare, he already knew he could sit for long periods and do the preparation work for the website and social sites. We always had written, and this gave us the opportunity to hone our collaboration and editing skills, working together while 3,000 miles apart. Eventually, comfortable spending extended time at a computer, Michael was able to find a remote position that allowed him to re-enter his original field without placing undue stress on his body. Diem began to stretch herself to more and more projects outside of work.   


Not everybody can turn themselves into a Renaissance Man, another DaVinci. Oh but you can always add to your knowledge base and from there, you can do remarkable things. What could have been a negative life-altering event for Michael led to a series of life-affirming opportunities for both of us. Re-recycled and upcycled.


You wouldn’t just throw an old TV cart away. Don’t toss aside yourself either. You may be surprised at what you can make out of the raw material that is you. Maybe you are the next DaVinci waiting to happen. You just need a little polish and a chance to imagine yourself as good as new again.

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I love your positive attitude about reinventing ourselves when opportunities arise. We live in a throw-away culture, where people are often discarded because they're not like us or not seen as useful to us. I so appreciate the attitude--it's not becoming a Renaissance man or woman but becoming agile and nimble and going with the ongoing flow of life. You two rock!

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Contestando a

You are so right Dayle. As we said, there are just too many people willing to accept less from themselves than they are willing to offer others. You might have the answer why. It’s easier to offer to others than to accept from ourselves. We have to start being better and more intentional with ourselves. Maybe then we would have even more to offer! 

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