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We can never say it enough

If you saw our Motivation Moment from Monday you know that we feel, “no matter how you say it, you can never say it enough.” On the eve of the American Thanksgiving holiday, it is not uncommon to find people across the country remembering to say thank you to many others for acts large and small. We wonder how many will still be expressing their gratitude so freely on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. We saw this suggestion in one of the many versions of gratitude reminders (30 Days of Gratitude, A Month of Thanks, Give Thanks Today For… etc.):

“Pay attention to good things you overlook: a hot cup of coffee, a warm bed, a hug from a loved one.”

It might seem funny to say thank you for a well-timed hug. Funnier still to think about thanking someone who pours your morning coffee or sees that you have a clean, warm bed to sleep in. But aren’t these exactly the sorts of things we should be grateful for? The little things that make our day if not the best day ever, a tolerable moment in our lives until we give tomorrow the chance to be our best day ever.


In an earlier post, Say the Magic Words, we quoted author and speaker, Todd Patkin, when he said, “People treasure your appreciation more than you realize.” People crave recognition and the most basic recognition you can provide is when you acknowledge what someone has done, even for the most basic chores or simple favors. Consider how many times you may say, “As long as you’re up, would you get me …” or “While you’re out shopping, can you stop for some …” or “If you’re getting another cup of coffee, pour me one too.” Now, how often do you thank someone for going out of their way for you or doing extra for you? Or do you think that’s their job as a spouse, partner, child, parent, friend, or coworker?


In Say the Magic Words we suggested:

“When somebody has had a difficult project, a heavy load to carry into the house, or a particularly long stretch of the routine, say ‘thank you.’ Yes, even if that is their job, their assigned task or chore, or their turn to do it! Make it your routine every day to find a reason to thank somebody for being exceptional, because every day somebody is doing some exceptional thing.”

It's okay to admit that we get joy out of being special to someone and being the target of their gratitude. Everybody does. We also know we feel good when we see someone appreciatvie of our gratitude to them. If others get joy by going out of their way to do for you to make you feel special, imagine the joy they experience when you thank them for their effort. Yes, even for the routine. Not everything is a once in as lifetime happening. That’s what makes them once in a lifetime. Not everything is a special occasion like a birthday, or anniversary, or a holiday. That’s what makes them occasions. Most of life is made up of occurrences that happen many times a day, often many times an hour. Each day, each hour, presents us with many opportunities to do something nice for those who do something nice for us. Don’t make gratitude something only for special occasions. Make it an everyday occurrence.

Every day? Every hour we would say. Because, no matter how you say it, you can never say it enough. Thank you.

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Timely and profoundly true. We don't live in a culture of gratitude--we so often miss one another because we're so self-focused. But you two manage to bring us back to the wholeness and beauty of gratitude. Saying thank you for small things gives us the heart to continue in gratitude so that we might make it a practice instead of a once-a-year happening. Thank you so much for moments of motivation that make a difference.

Replying to

Thank you Dayle! We are big fans of recognizing the little things that go into and make our lives. Those small but important moments are what make our lives so meaningful. Recognizing them seems natural and definitely the right thing to do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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