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When life gives you lemons

Into everyone’s life some rain must fall. Does it seem to you too that it’s always falling on the day you wanted to work in the yard, or a half hour after you washed the car? We can’t control all the things that happen to us in life, but we can control the how we respond to them. It’s the old story of, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! But with a twist. Often the difference between a successful impromptu challenge and a disaster in the making is working with what you’ve been given and a calm, thoughtful attitude.

There is no shortage of rainy days and bowls full of life’s lemons, and most people are quite adept at handling a minor crisis once or even twice a week. But what happens when the crises come twice or three times a day! Michael’s daughter recently had a multi-crisis day. How did she respond? In writing! This is an excerpt of what she posted that day.


On paper, today was a crappy day. My training run was done in the rain. Then when I got home, I found I was blessed with a non-freezing freezer.

Despite that, today was fantastic. Let me explain.

Today looked like

· Hop-scotching mid-run on sidewalk chalk that hadn’t washed away.

· Having a few bonus minutes with my dad when I collected cooler bags from him.

· Baking cookies and banana bread from thawed cookie dough and bananas.

When life gives you lemons, or thawed bananas…

What’s the point to all this?

You’re a magnet for the energy you give; you construct the world you want to live in. You gather people to you by the words you use and how you share them. That’s why sharing you true authentic self is so powerful. It’s a beacon for those who need YOU and what you bring.

As with everything, it’s a choice. How do you want to see the world?


Any day can be that rainy day. Will you stay inside looking out or play hop-scotch in the rain? It is our decision how we react to any situation, the good and yes, even the bad. We are capable of creating positive responses out of whatever energy surrounds us. The most important thing to to remember is that we are never going to control all of what happens to us but we will always be in control of how we respond. A calm manner and clear inventory of what is available are the key ingredients to making a success out of an impending disaster.

The next time life gives you lemons, make banana bread!

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Michael, you raised your daughter well. Her attitude reflects a hope and joy that goes beyond circumstances--and that's a learned response. Thanks for this, y'all. A great reminder that no matter how dark the tunnel, there's always light at the end of it.


Thank You Dayle! We will pass your kind words to this week’s “ghost writer.”

It is a great example of making the best of less than the best situations. We were thrilled when she agreed to have her worlds re-printed because it does illustrate how dealing with challenges is part of our enthusiasm for getting up and getting going every day!

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