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Working Together to Share Care

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

By Michael Ross, Founding Partner, ROAMcare

There is a site on the Internet that displays pictures of people. Just pictures of different people. Every time you open the site or refresh the page a new picture is displayed. Picture after picture. Never a duplicate yet never a real person. They are images generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Yet they are so lifelike you might imagine you actually know some of them.

Artificial Intelligence is making great strides but it still can’t anticipate the unexpected. You need Natural Intelligence when things happen that you don’t expect. Natural Intelligence is more than smarts, memory, and logic. It is that plus intuition, discernment, situational awareness and sometimes illogic. Natural Intelligence is what you use when you have to do something you’ve never done before…like manage a pharmacy during a pandemic.

How has the battle again CoViD-19 altered your practice? Are you doing off site order verification? Has inventory shifted? Have floor deliveries been adjusted. Are pharmacists rounds continuing as usual? Are error prevention procedures still in place? Are adverse event and med error tracking being deferred? Have formulary requests, restrictions, or exceptions been increasing

You may be fighting your way through the unknown, or you may have come up with a plan to address an unexpected situation but are stuck struggling with others. You may be managing Corona related complications but are losing ground to complexity of the routine. What you’ve learned dealing with the unexpected may be the resolution to a problem a colleague on the other side of the country needs.

We invite you to share your success and pose your questions by way of the comments here or visit our user forums under the Communication menu.


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