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The ROAMcare Story

Come and Meet Us

ROAMcare came to be as Diem Pham and Michael Ross looked for ways to infuse more respect for the people who do the work at work. They set out to build a program encouraging all team members to recognize contributions of everyone working together, to express appreciation of everyone on a team, and to respectfully commemorate special occasions and accomplishments.


Come and Join Us

You are integral to the success of the ROAMcare mission. Without you there is no ROAMcare. Consider joining the ROAMcare Community Although everyone can access the website, only Community members can post to forums, comment on blog articles, and to provide or received  mentoring and peer-to-peer opportunities. 


The ROAMcare Vision

The landscape of personal interaction is complex, yet people must connect every day to survive. The ROAMcare vision is to be the catalyst that drives our connections.

The ROAMcare Mission

The ROAMcare Mission is to refresh your enthusiasm, add passion to your purpose, and put more care into everything you do in your personal life, your professional life, your family life, and everywhere they meet.

The ROAMcare Purpose

The purpose of ROAMcare is to be the premiere source for Communication, Advancement, Recognition, and Engagement for all individuals navigating personal connections at work, at home, at school, anywhere people gather, in a respectful and caring manner.

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