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Get To Know Us

ROAMcare came to be as Diem Pham and Michael Ross looked for ways to infuse more respect for the people who do the work at work. Finding few resources that didn’t rely on recycled theory, outdated thinking, and questionable humor, they set out to build a program to encourage managers, supervisors, team members, workers, students, teachers and students, and mentors and protegees to recognize contributions of everyone working together, to express appreciation of everyone on a team, and to respectfully commemorate special occasions and accomplishments.

From these musings came ROAMcare. ROAM because it comes from their experiences and care because you show care for each other when you Communicate with your colleagues, Advance your profession, Recognize everybody’s contributions, and become Engaged in your work with those working alongside you.

Wherever you are – at work, in life, in the world! – by yourself you are a small part in a vast expanse. Working together you can bridge the gap from existing and surviving to participating and living, even at work!

The ROAMcare message is by creating, encouraging, practicing and sustaining a respectful approach to collaboration with a respectful manner, as we navigate our workplace, we can refresh our enthusiasm and meet the challenges of showing care not just for the ultimate users of our services but for those working with us to provide that service. We become the bridge and cross into a new space where we communicate, advance, recognize, and engage respectfully and with care. 

Diem and Michael first crossed paths at a conference for pharmacy directors in 2011. Although they live on opposites ends of the country they have relied on each other for support and guidance.

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They both overcame major health challenges and setbacks and they are cognizant of the difficulties of recovery as patients and the growing pressures of delivering care as providers. As they have found each other’s support invaluable, they wanted to share their enthusiasm, experience, and inspiration to elevate the practice of pharmacy and build community with their colleagues throughout pharmacy.

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