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Spring Cleaning

We made it! Winter is finally behind us. There will be some chilly nights, but the daffodils are out and the lines at the car washes are long. Sure signs of spring, right up there with baseball’s spring training and everybody’s spring cleaning.


It’s a curious ritual this spring cleaning routine. One might think cleaning windows, hosing down a porch or patio, or changing bathroom linen doesn’t happen any other time of the year. We know it is as a matter of renewal, freshening our world as the world is freshening its own.


It was only in the last few days that Diem was talking about digging out the iris from their winter bed, allowing air and sun to reach the rhizomes. She knows a little extra attention to the plants now will have them soon rewarding her with fragrant, bright, colorful blooms.


Michael’s spring ritual includes cleaning and refreshing the car that has sat quietly in the garage all winter, waiting for its time to enjoy the warmth of the summer sun on its open cabin. Tires and hoses will be checked, the battery charged, and the glass polished.


Now would be a good time to do some spring cleaning on us. Like so many others, we have on many winter days, probably on too many winter days, anticipated the coming of the consistently warmer weather. Like Diem’s irises, we can stand to have our roots loosened and allow the fresh air and warm sun to penetrate to our deepest levels. We should be preparing ourselves to stretch our limbs and reach the potential we wished we could have during the colder days just passed. Just as Michael is kicking tires and tugging at connections, we should be kicking up our heels and re-connect with nature now that nature is welcoming us back with longer, warmer, and brighter days.  


Spring is an exciting time of year. We watch in wonder as our world is transformed with nature awakening from its winter slumber. We fit in that discussion also. We need to wake ourselves from the dormancy of winter and refresh, rejuvenate, and re-energize ourselves. We need to give ourselves that attention, wipe away our stress, wash off the fatigue, and polish the shiny parts that will have us bursting on the scene, coaxing ourselves into a riot of bright ideas and invigorated thoughts.


Now is a good time to join nature in going under a yearly rebirth and renewal process. Now is a good time to check our connections and recharge our batteries, a good time to act like an iris, ready to surprise anyone who is looking with a dazzling display.


Now is a good time to start on that spring cleaning. And don’t stop until you’ve refreshed yourself!

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